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k.d.s school MATHURA K.D.S Group Mathura Chairman Mahendra Pratap Singh (Advocate) has visualized to create a benchmark of excellence in the field of education. At K.D.S International School we recognize the abilities of the student and try to help them grow and evolve as a successful with moral and ethical values. This is made possible with the help of an experienced and dedicated team of faculty members and administrators. We are committed to the best standards, environment, and facilities. A good infrastructure has been developed to support our aim. Many renowned Professors have joined hands with to shape the future in K.D.S International School. We look forward in Educational of Lord Krishna Birth Place

K.D.S International school is to be affiliated with C.B.S.E fulfill all international standards build in 10 acres of land. K.D.S International school is a place where one learns both the importance of knowledge and its irrelavance. It is a place where one can learns with all the modern tools of education to observe the world without a particular point of view or conclusion. K.D.S International school generates the enthusiasm and ethics of life in every student. It is a place where both teacher and the children learn a way of life in which conflict ends. It is our concern to bring about a new generation of human beings who are free from self-centered action, to bring about a mind that has no conflict within itself.. We sincerely believe in four factors which make or mar any organization .


K.D.S International believes in and roots for TOTAL QUALITY EDUCATION which aims at developing the whole child who makes ‘excellence in all endeavours’ a habit and a way of life. Excelling at academics goes hand in hand with participating in value-based healthy, constructive pursuits and a wide range of co-curricular activities.

True education is much more than just collecting / gathering facts. It should lead to more FORMATION than mere INFORMATION. At Niraj the emphasis is more on understanding a concept rather than simple memorisation of facts, rules and formulae.

History is proof that all progress of mankind is because of original, creative thinkers who went against the conformist wisdom and chose to think differently. We urge the parents to ask themselves a vital question "what would I like my child to be – an original or a copy conformist?" We are sure most would settle for the obvious.

We want to develop enthusiasm in our younger as they can able to work in so phistical technical environment in state country and Globally.

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